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Fast, Affordable, and Complete Drug Testing.

Since 1991 Chemical Testing Mobile Services (CTMS) has been the place to go in the Eugene area for Fast, Affordable, and Complete Drug Testing. CTMS has always had a strong commitment to thorough drug testing procedures and protocol. Over the years CTMS has helped protect more than 1900 Businesses in the Eugene Springfield area with complete drug and Alcohol testing services. We have completed more than 200,000 tests and with our experience comes confidence.

We know our process is thorough, accurate, and fast. We are a locally owned family business serving all of the Eugene and Springfield surrounding areas. Our focus is to help businesses maintain and promote a Safe and Productive Drug-Free Workplace. In our office or at your location we provide quick, thorough service at a low price.

Do you have a Drug Free Workplace?

When you need to know, CHEMICAL TESTING is here to Help.

Our Office

We offer Walk-in Service, there is no appointment needed. Our focus is to be thorough, accurate, and fast.

We respect people by respecting their time. There are several steps to take in every drug test. Our goal is to complete these steps in a timely manner ad get the people on their way and back to work quickly.

We also know that a urine drug test can be a little unsure for some people. That is why we try to make it as pleasant as possible. Many people have commented that our office has an easy-going and friendly atmosphere. We take pride in our good-natured, upbeat, professional staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies require drug testing for safety reasons and to maintain a drug-free workplace.

Commonly tested drugs include marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, opioids, and PCP.

The length of time drugs stay in the system can vary depending on the type of drug, frequency of use, and individual factors. Typically, drugs can be detected in urine for 1-30 days after use.

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