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The Department of Transportation Consortium drug testing program is a vital component in ensuring safety on our nation’s highways. The program enhances public safety by helping to prevent drug and alcohol abuse among transportation employees.

The Department of Transportation requires companies to enroll in a random drug testing consortium. Chemical Testing offers this consortium service at one low price which covers all random testing for the year for each driver. If the driver is chosen once or four times during the year there are no additional fees for random testing, This is a great plan for small companies as the small one-time fee is easier to budget than paying a fee every time a driver is chosen for random testing.

All driver names are placed in a selection pool. A computer-generated random selection is then completed. A small percent of the total number of drivers are chosen for a drug test and or alcohol test. This process is done throughout the year on a quarterly basis.

Required CDL Testing

United States Department of Transportation (DOT) requires Commercial CDL drivers to be in a Random Drug Testing Consortium.

DOT Breath Alcohol Testing

United States Department of Transportation (DOT) requires Commercial CDL Breath Alcohol Testing.

Does your Trucking business need a DOT Consortium Program?

Chemical Testing Mobile Service can help you set up a DOT Consortium Program that saves you time and money.