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There are many reasons for personal testing: Court cases, Child Custody cases, Clear up disputes or accusations, when substances or drug paraphernalia have been found, help to prove innocence, help one abstain from use, or find out what the substance taken. For all these reasons and more Chemical Testing has been there to help. We offer confidential discreet personal testing. The results of the test will be released only to the individual taking the test.  If the individual taking the drug test would like the results sent elsewhere. A written release must be signed by the individual stating where the results are to be emailed. Without a written release the results will not be sent.

Drug Panels We Offer

Chemical Testing offers a 3 panel Drug Test up to an 11 panel drug test.

Hair Drug Testing

Hair testing is often used in court cases to helps clear accusations of drug use.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Our Breath Alcohol test uses the same technology that is available to the police.

Alcohol Urinalysis

We offer two types of alcohol testing through urinalysis.

Do you or your Family Need Drug Testing Services?

Chemical Testing is here to help with your needs.